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  1. A direct solution for fixed weight package.
  2. Avoid weighing loss.
  3. Avoid material waste.
  4. Working efficiency improvement.


  1. 12 units high precision scale.
  2. High-speed combination arithmetic.
  3. snapfit platform for fast clean.
  4. HBM Loadcell.
  5. Mitsubishi PLC.
  6. Colorful touch screen display with multi-language.
  7. 20 products memory.
  8. Made from SUS304 with water proof design.
  9. Platform customer define acceptable.


  1. Widely used in meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable and fruit ,Fixed weighing calculation.

Technical Specification

Max Range for each unit 1500g
Combinational Range 8~6000g
Minimum resolution 0.1g
Speed 10~30times/min
Number of scale 10/12units
Weighing Cell strain gauge
Platform Size 215mm(L) X 155mm(W) / 200mm(L) X 125mm(W)
Machine Dimension 1000mm(L) X 575mm(W) X 570mm(H)
Net weight Appr.50kg
Operational temperate 0~40℃
Humidity 30~85% no condensation
Protection Grade IP65
Power supply AC110/220V、50~60Hz
Rated power Max.100w

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