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  1. All packaging procedures such as the bag-making, measuring, filling, selling, cutting and counting are all finished automatically.
  2. Controller with Chinese/English displaying. Either under set length control or photo electronic color tracing, we set bag length and cut in one step. Time and film saving.
  3. With quadruple heat-controlled, each sealing track temperature can be adjusted separately, heat-balance is good, sealed quality is better, suitable for many packing film.
  4. The machine is equipped with cursor ACS (automatic control system) such that complete trademark pattern and cutting position can be acquired.
  5. All parts contacted with material to be packed are made of stainless steel or non-poisoned materials. Easy observing side-open shield cover for safe-operation.
  6. The machine has small volume, low power consumption, The driving system is simple and reliable, and maintenance easy.
  7. The specially designed position-stop function insure heat-sealer and cutter always in open position whenever machine stops working, preventing packing film, materials and sealers burned.
  8. Applicable material should be composite films like: PET/PE,PET/AL/PE,OPP/PE.
  9. Optional device: Ribbon printer, air expeller device, line sealing or terminal sealing, rotate cutter, knocking device on bag former.


Model VPS-60PC
Voltage Power 380Vor 220V 1.75KW
Range of Measurement 1~80ml
Bag Size (L)80~145mm (W)30~100mm
Packaging Speed 40~60(bag/min)
Machine Size 695×770×1640 or 695×1000×1640(install ribbon printer)
Machine Weight 230kg

It adopts newly hopper lift device, convenient for adjusting and cleaning. The screw rotates driven by step motor to feed materials can obtain high measuring precision.

These series pack powder products, such as food stuffs, soy milk powder, drug powder and agricultural chemical powder and other powder materials.

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