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Photo: TSM


  1. Designed for textile and garments industry.


  1. Powerful suction to clean thread , dust and dirt attached on the garment pieces.
  2. With transparent work-plate for operators to see the working pieces during work.
  3. Auto stop for protection and safety once the garment pieces during work.
  4. Extra long sucking tube, low noise and easy operation.
  5. TSM equips with sensors.

Photo: TSM

Photo: TSM

Photo: TSM


  • TSM is able to suck out the dust, thread and dirt from the garments. It is suitable for all kinds of shirts, pants, skirts, etc, to improve the quality, increase the productivity and save time & labor.


Model TSM
Suction 3600m³/h
Motor 1.5kw/3.0kw
Power Supply 3P; 380V;50Hz
Measurement of feeder 550mm x 140mm x115mm
Machine Dimension 1500mm x 700mm x 1550mm
Net Weight 180kg
Gross Weight 280kg
Packing Size 1630mm x 750mm x 1750mm

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