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Photo: SXD-5030A

Global Unique Features

  1. Energy-saving design: the machine can sense objects automatically; the machine starts running when putting the luggage on, and keep still without luggage.
  2. Environmental Design: Lead screens as well as protective film to prevent the guest from touching the lead on hand and avoid lead contamination.
  3. Dynamic screen switching: the screen can be freely switched whether at rest or at moving.
  4. A button shutdown control: the equipment will be automatically safely shut down when rotating about the key, which is useful to reduce equipment fault.
  5. International brand accessories: the United States SPELLMAN-ray sources, Japan HAMMATSU detectors, Germany INTERROLL roller.
  6. The world's leading parameters : As is reported in the inspection of the Ministry of Public Security, each parameter of the products is leading of other similar ones.


  1. Tunnel Size:500(W)*300(H)mm
  2. Conveying Speed:0.22m/s
  3. Conveyor Max Load:50Kg
  4. Resolution:Φ0.101mm Metal wire
  5. Penetration:8mm steel
  6. Film Safety:Guarantee ISO1600 Film
  7. Radiation Leakage:<0.3 µ Gy/h

X-ray Generator

  1. X-ray Beam Direction:bottom photo-style
  2. Anode Current:0.4~0.5mA(adjustable)
  3. Anode Voltage:80kV(adjustable)
  4. X-ray Beam Divergence Angle:60°
  5. Cooling/Duty cycle:sealed oil-cooling/100%

Image Processing System

  1. X-ray Sensor:L-Shape Photodiode Array Detector( Single Energy), 12 bit depth
  2. Display:17- inch high resolution LCD
  3. Color Image Display:24-bit for color display
  4. Edge- enhancement: edge of image displaying more clearly
  5. Super-image enhancement: the image details more clear
  6. High Penetration Display: raising the image contrast in brighter areas so as to penetrate the area more clearly
  7. Low Penetration Display: raising the image contrast in dark areas, so as to penetrate the area more clearly
  8. Magnifier: local zoom function, dynamic zoom display
  9. Increasing the brightness or decreasing the darkness of the image
  10. Image Back/Front Pull:displaying the previous 20 images, as well as processing the current image
  11. Image Recall:recalling the image to its original state
  12. Image Storage:saving any images in time, processing them freely , continuous work to save

Installation Data

  1. Operating Temperature/ Humidit:0℃ ~ 45℃/20% ~ 95%(non-condensing)
  2. Storage Temperature/Humidity:-20℃ ~ 60℃/20% ~ 95%(non-condensing)
  3. Work Voltage:220VAC(±10%) 50±3HZ
  4. Power Consumption:1.0 KW(MAX)
  5. Noise Level:﹤60dB

Picture Display