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Photo: MDW-100


  1. Improved digital and analog mixed circuit, hi stability.
  2. Big size LCD screen and remote control.
  3. 6 detection zones, the sensitivity of every zone can be adjusted individually.
  4. The real-time sensitivity of every zone can be displayed together during detecting.
  5. Optimized detection system, eliminate non-uniform detection, anti-interference.
  6. Based on real-time operation system and DSP technology.
  7. Digital frequency generator and shifting.
  8. Graphic user interface(GUI), easy to operate.
  9. Report system for detection log print.
  10. The peripheral based on RS-485 bus technology.

Photo: MDW-100 Systerm MenuSysterm Menu

Photo: MDW-100 Detecting InterfaceDetecting Interface

Photo: MDW-100 Connection PortConnection Port

Photo: MDW-100 Remote ControlRemote Control

Photo: MDW-100 Control PanelControl Panel

Photo: MDW-100 Report Systerm (Optional)Report Systerm (Optional)


  • Airports, Entertainment Venues, Loss Prevention.
  • Prisons, mints, mine, Financial Institutions, Hospitals.
  • Courthouses, Manufacturing Facilities, Power Plants.
  • Electronics Industry, Jewelry Manufacturing...


  • Detection method: electric induction
  • Operation frequency: 5-10KHz/12freq
  • Sensitivity adjustment: 99 steps per zone
  • Alarm: Buzzer+LED Bar Display
  • Dimension: 2000mm(L)*720(H)
  • Power: AC100-240V 50-60HZ
  • Rated output: Appr30W
  • Dimension: 2250mm(L)*840mm(W)*500mm(H)
  • Weight: Appr80Kg

The specification is under standard test condition. The sensitivity depends on the working condition. We have no responsibility that metal chips come out after detecting under non-standard condition.

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