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Photo: MDU-5008


  1. Recycle the deposed or old metals.
  2. Detect or search for police department.
  3. Detect underground metal cultural mineral and bullion material.
  4. Check old metals, detect various metal minerals, valid to detect some high quality mineral, especially natural yellow metal.
  5. Detect underground pipeline, wire, cable. It is the important tool for the task of building and constructing, fitmending tap water, offering changed eletricity and rebuilding city.


  1. Horizontal balance: Can eliminate mineralized reaction of the ground, own good penetrating ability.
  2. Identify: Can distinguish black and coloured metal.
  3. Can detect all metals include gold, silver, iron, tin etc. And can penetrate clay,china, rock, plastic, cement, wood material which cover on it.
  4. Metal detector MD-5008 is a handheld apparatus, can be take portably. It has two detecting head.


Model MDU-5008
Signal frequency 437KHz
Sensitivity 35cm for a US(25cent)quarter with meter
Shooting frequency 6.99KHz
Detecting depth(Max) 3m
Gross weight 3.2Kg
Disc Control Ground Balance Control
Accessories battery box and battery bag
Tune Control Sensitivity control
  1. The specification is under standard test condition. The sensitivity depends on the working condition. We have no responsibility that metal chips come out after detecting under non-standard condition.

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