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Photo: MDU-5002


  1. Own balanced line,can eliminate the influence of mineralized reaction, improve the depth and exact rate of valid detection.
  2. Own the function of distinguishing black and coloured metals.
  3. Use intelligent operating system.
  4. Adopt high-strength ABC material to encapsulate, own light weight, long life.
  5. Can identify sound by earphone.


  1. This product adopt sound alarm and instrument display, the depth of detection is related with the area, shape and weight. In general, more area, larger quantities, at the same time, with bigger detect depth; Whereas, less area, smaller quantities, with smaller depth.
  2. Products: Use a standard aluminum board embed dry clay,whose size is 600mm*600mm*5mm, the maximum detect depth is 2-2.5m.


Model MDU-5002
Signal frequency 437KHz
Power 8pcs 1.5v Batteries in Series
Shooting frequency 6.99KHz
Detecting depth(Max) 1.5m
Gross weight 3Kg
  1. The specification is under standard test condition. The sensitivity depends on the working condition. We have no responsibility that metal chips come out after detecting under non-standard condition.

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