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Photo: CWC-S150


  1. Applied to automatic online package weighing and sorting.


  1. Height of weighing platform adjustable.
  2. High Accuracy digital loadcell with high speed DSP& Zero tracking.
  3. Automatic weighing parameters setting according belt speed.
  4. 40 products preset, easy to edit &revise.
  5. Effecienncy product shift & speed recall coordinate.
  6. Based on 7 inches colour touch screen &friendly interface.
  7. USB data output & printer connection optional.


Model CWC-S150
Weighing Capacity 5~300g
Weighing Accuracy ±0.3g
Minimum Scale 0.1g
Weighing Scale Size 400mm(L)*150mm(W)
Weigh Sensor Double-beam load cell
Conveyor Food grade belt(Belt Width: 150mm)
Display Chinese/English
Machine Size 1100mm*690mm*1450mm Height of Platform:700mm-900mm
Machine Weight Appr.79kg
Power Supply Single-Phase AC220V
Other Standard Accessories Windshield cover(Colorless and Clear) Photo sensor
Construction SUS304.Polishing
Reject Method Air/ Pusher Rejection System


Weigh Range Accuracy Minimum Scale Sorting Speed
5g-300g ±0.3g 0.1g Max.150pcs/min
Product Limit Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm)
Max 250 150 150

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