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  1. Multi-Frequency & Dual-System Detection.
  2. Very high resolution for Phase-Angle adjustment.
  3. Automatic product effect & sensitive study.
  4. Based on High speed 32bit CPU control unit.
  5. LCD with Touch Screen, Easy to operation.
  6. High speed 32bit DSP and advanced signal filter.
  7. Friendly operation system with Multi-Language.
  8. 3 Level authorization & Multi-operator setup.
  9. 100 products memory.
  10. Detection & Login records.
  11. Standard equipped USB port for data export.
  12. Enthernet connection capability.
  13. Tools free conveyor belt disassemble.
  14. Small size conveyor design.
  15. IP65 optional.


  1. Especially designed for food industrial use.
  2. Widely used for detecting body touched products, cosmetic, tissue, rubber, plastic, chemic...


  1. Theory: Balanced Coil
  2. Adjustment:Auto and Manual
  3. Alarm:Buzzer
  4. Conveyor Speed:25m/min, adjustable opetional
  5. Power:AC110V/220V 50-60HZ
  6. Rated output:<300W


Width × Height Sensibility
400mm×100mm Fe¢0.5mm SUS¢1.0mm
400mm×120mm Fe¢0.6mm SUS¢1.2mm
400mm×150mm Fe¢0.8mm SUS¢1.5mm
400mm×200mm Fe¢1.0mm SUS¢2.0mm

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