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  1. High sensitive magnetic sensor, suite for all kinds package Can be overcome metal detection challenge after the food filling in the past,easy inspection,it’s not only suitable for in aluminum evaporated film packaged foods but also in aluminum foil packaged food including boil-in-the-bag food and other convenience meal in a aluminum tray.
  2. Suite all kinds package.It is used to detect the high temperature and high density salt products — Not only suitable for inspecting the high temperature filling product, including the traditional ”difficult product”, such as picked foods、soup、seafood、and other various sauces etc contains high density salt product. But also suitable for the continuing aluminum film package, such as candy、chocolate and other bulk food.
  3. Ease of operation.Any person can operate the machine.Operation steps:Start →Stop、Sensitivity change、Speed change. No any other complex setting required,so that, no special training worker required.
  4. Eco design.This patent system is used the high sensitive sensor to inspect. Nearly no extra cost to running the machine.


Machine Length 1000mm
Belt Width 250mm
Aperture Height Fixed.70mm(Have 30,40,50,60,70,80,90mm options)
Sensor Magnetic Induction
Measure area broadwise 230mm to endwise Whole spaces
broadwise 230mm to endwise Whole spaces 800mm±50mm
Conveyor speed 20~40mm/min
Display 5.7’LCD touch screen
Operation button Start button/Stop button/Power switch
Signal Red
Maximum Load Weight 1kg/machine
Power Supply AC220V Single phase 50/60HZ
Weight 80kg
Material Stainless Steel

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