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  1. Automatic adaptable for product effect.High attributes of products can be detected.
  2. All-digital signal processing and transmission technology , high sensitivity, excellent reliability.
  3. Based on 32bit high speed CPU.
  4. Double LED line indicate the realtime Ferrous and Non-Ferrous sensitivity exactly.
  5. Ferrous and Non-Ferrous level dividual adjustment.
  6. Optional rejict systems.
  7. High protection degree and height djustable frame.


  • Online metal detection for food product.A step for food safety(HACCP required)
  • Also can fit for detecting the chemical products, rubber products.


  • Theory: Balanced Coil
  • Adjustment: Auto and Ferrous and Non-Ferrous level dividual adjustment
  • Aperture Size: 600*80mm
  • Alarm: Buzzer & Lamp
  • Reject system: Air blast/air pusher/swing arm(option)
  • Belt Speed:25-32m/min(Adjustment)
  • Power:AC110V/220V 50-60HZ
  • Rated Output: Appr140W
  • Dimension:1620mm(L)*1000mm(W)*1100mm±50mm(H)
  • Weight:Appr200Kg


Aperture Size Sensitivity
600mm*80mm Fe¢0.8mm SUS¢1.2mm
600mm*100mm Fe¢1.0mm SUS¢1.5mm
600mm*120mm Fe¢1.0mm SUS¢2.0mm
600mm*150mm Fe¢1.2mm SUS¢2.5mm

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